Spectral analysis, sensor calibration, sensor fusion, real time estimation, inertial navigation systems (IMU + GPS + Barometer).  In particular,  Kalman filtering such as linear, extended, unscented Kalman filters, and  particle filter. My Kalman filter based solution to estimate the 3D wind speed using nacelle Lidar is industrialized by Leosphere in 2021.

Constrained Control

Analysis and design of low computational complexity controllers for uncertain systems with input and state constraints. In particular, Anti-Windup Control, Model Predictive Control (MPC),  Reference Governor, Uniting High-Gain and Low-Gain Controllers. My MPC solution for wave energy converter won the WECCOMP international competition.


Application of optimization in control and estimation. Black-box Optimization, Convex Optimization, Robust Optimization. In particular real time linear/quadratic programming with interior point method.